Moving Resolution 1

More than 15 years ago I made what for me was a very rare belated (in June) New Year’s resolution. It was one that thousands of middle-aged people make: “I’m gonna get back in shape.” The epiphany for me was when we were celebrating my daughter’s graduation from Brown University—what should have been a great time was a struggle. I felt miserable physically, and while not suffering from a debilitating illness, I was just tired, with aches and pains in my back, knee and shoulder—all the result of too much “good living.” Good being defined as too much food, wine, travel and an all-around couch potato lifestyle.

When I got back to California, I joined a gym. I also signed on with a trainer. What I discovered was that because I was basically healthy with good cardio health, I had let that cover up my general deterioration. I could not take any credit for the cardio part—good genes took care of that. The deterioration was all on me taking for granted what had been a fairly athletic body and letting it go.

Now all these years later, I continue to drag myself out of bed 90 minutes earlier than is necessary for my work and go to the gym. I do this almost every day and will do so for as long as I can. My workouts are not really about the vanity of looking good. They are about my increased stamina for work and play, overall strength and knowing that I can run around like a fool and play the tickle monster as I chase my grandchildren. I look forward to their graduations and actually being in better shape than I was at my daughter’s so many years ago.

Your age is just a number. It’s what you do with that age that counts. So here is a Call to Action: Guys and gals, get up and get moving in 2018!