Do you sometimes feel like you are always putting yourself last on your own list? Well, I’m right there with you. There are some people who put themselves first in everything they do and only think of themselves first. Some may think this is selfish, while others see it as a form of self-love.

In order to truly be happy, it is important to incorporate some form of self-love into our lives. However, some of us might not know how to love ourselves, how to receive love or even how to accept compliments. This is a great time of the year to learn how to not only love yourself, but also how to love and appreciate the important people in your life.

I have many tips for you all to practice self-love while also showing your love and appreciation for others. You can start doing this by admiring others for their inner beauty and noticing their reactions. Also, make an effort to find out what others’ perceptions of giving are in regard to showing their love for others. You may find out that some people in your life really have a flair for it! The next step you can take is to find a mentor you admire and have them teach you something you want to get better at in life.

Start your days by putting a zip in your step, as this could be the change you’ve been needing to make that will lead you to living your best life. In your everyday life, is your automatic response to things usually a positive loving one, or would you consider it negative criticism? If you start to voice your daily responses with compassionate feelings, you will definitely see positive changes in your relationships with those around you.

Counting your blessings is another great place to start on the path to self-love. Do you have dreams and goals? Or, are you someone who always thinks that having dreams and goals are not worth it? Well, I am here today to say that your dreams and goals are very important, and you are so worth it. Chasing your own dreams and goals is a great form of showing self-love, as it will make you feel more accomplished once you start reaching for your dreams and goals.

We all need to learn to be our own best friends and cheerleaders in life and know in our hearts that we are worth it. When we work with others from a heartfelt place, we not only gain our own power back, but we also take away any negative feelings that may be holding us back. Always remember to help others in life, especially when you start reaching your own personal goals. Don’t forget to turn around and help the next person in line in your life. Always stay humble, be kind and be good to others. Most importantly, don’t forget to always love yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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