Choosing to be your best self is really one of the easiest decisions you can make in your life. This is what I like to call “running your own race,” at your own speed. When you are authentically being you, you don’t have time to make excuses or lie to keep up with your life. By staying on the path to your personal best journey, you begin to learn your purpose. It is important to remember that you are only in a race with yourself. You shouldn't feel like you have to change to be like anyone else. You will encourage and inspire others, while also letting others do the same for you. When running your own race, it will be to your advantage to work hard to be healthy and balanced. Isn’t that what we all want for our bodies? Step into your own power by taking a moment to close your eyes and meditate. Focus on yourself and your transformation to maintaining a beautiful and healthy body.

Let’s start from the top: How do you take care of your mind? Do you start your day in a positive way by meditating, praying or reading affirmations? As for self-care, how do you keep up with your hair routine? Are you on a maintenance plan to consistently condition, cut and care for your hair? Do you take good care of your skin? This could include getting facials and using good products to nourish your body and skin, as well as protection from the sun while getting the enough rays. When you think about these self-care practices, it seems pretty simple, so why aren’t more of us doing it? How about scheduling yearly checkups with your dentists and doctors? Some of us tend to take better care of our homes and cars, and even our pets, better than we do ourselves. It’s no wonder some of us are not becoming our best selves, as we are focusing on other areas of our lives or possibly others.

I think it is important for us to start loving ourselves healthy. While some things seem so simple, such as losing weight, it is not as easy as it sounds, especially when we eat food we know is not healthy. We have to be more mindful about unhealthy food and what it does to our bodies. If we start only eating what is known as “real food,” what effects would that have on our bodies? Our nutrition directly affects our minds and is similar to feeding our souls. I’ve always thought that if we eat good healthy food, we will feel and do good.

Do you ever overwork your body or your mind? It’s so important to listen to your body for any aches and pains and to stay in touch with your inner self.

Do you dress for success so you can feel and be better? Do you take time to make decisions and take a breath before you ultimately decide? Do you ever take into consideration that every decision you make is usually paired with a consequence? Do you surround yourself with empowering people? Are you open to learning from your journey and from the people that are messengers in your life? I truly believe that each person that comes into our lives has a message to share, so always be open to listening to them. Consider some of these questions I’ve raised as tools to help you in this race called life. None of us should live with any regrets, if we take the time to think life through.

Another thing I want to remind you of is to never allow others to make up your mind for you. By doing this, you are letting others steal your thunder that you have worked so hard for. Remember to take a breath before you make any major life decisions. Also, make it a point to prioritize your health and keep up with your self-care rituals. Focus on your own body, because all the answers you will need in life are inside you. Take these thoughts with you as you win your own race of life!

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