I am truly awed and inspired by the amazing women in our communities. In this issue, you’ll find women doctors, lawyers, teachers, pilots, CPAs, realtors, dentists, mothers, wives, sisters, friends—all of them strong, confident, talented, empowered and powerful.

We’ve heard the saying, “Behind every great man is a woman;” so what’s behind a great woman? I believe it’s heart—every one of the ladies featured in this month’s Women’s issue puts their all into helping others, serving as role models and inspiration for the countless lives they touch.

Caring for others has been the constant thread connecting women through the decades as history progresses, glass ceilings shatter and changes result. Whether devoted to family, flying troops to Vietnam, educating our youth or performing life-saving surgery, women care passionately about what they do, pouring their hearts and souls into bettering our lives and communities in one way or another.  

Thankfully, what has evolved through the years are societal mores dictating “acceptable” choices women can make about their lives, such as, for example, whether to get a divorce or hold a job—two actions that would have barred a woman from joining a local woman’s club in times past. “But we don’t care about that anymore!” a senior member of the club laughed at the memory, pointing out the prestigious positions held by so many of the ladies in the room. Certainly, women have shown they can be and do anything men can do—and in many cases, may I venture to add—“better”!?

We hope you enjoy reading and learning about the incredible ladies featured in this issue—we could write an entire book about their accomplishments and activities and are humbled to share just a glimpse of their greatness in these pages.

We honor and applaud all the wonderful women who make this world a better place.

Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day!