Last month we celebrated the third anniversary of publishing our Lifestyle magazines. I forgot, though. But here we are at the 37th edition of Conejo Valley Lifestyle and the 12th edition of Malibu to Palisades Lifestyle. That makes it a late 3rd and an early 1st—kind of mixed up, but then I usually am, so what’s new!?

Before Robin and I started all of this, we had lived in the Conejo Valley for 10 years, but frankly we were not really that engaged in the community. It was a great place to live—nice people, cleaner air than the other valley for sure, far less crowded as well, easy access to Malibu beaches, nice homes—what’s not to like? Then we started Conejo Valley Lifestyle and two years later Malibu to Palisades Lifestyle and we received a crash course on what really makes our communities great. We realized that if our magazines were going to be worthwhile for our readers and our advertisers, they had to be different than what was already out there. There was already plenty to read about materialism, bling and glitz. Our goal when we started and our goal today is to focus on community—families, education, community service, nonprofits, small businesses—all that and more of the things that really make America great and have never stopped making us great.

Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Oak Park, Newbury Park, Agoura Hills, the Santa Rosa Valley, Malibu and Pacific Palisades are loaded with folks who are quite affluent and successful. What sets all of you apart is the enormous amount of time and money that is devoted to those who are less fortunate. There is not enough space here to review who you are, but you have our commitment to continue to cover your fine work as we have during the past three years. Keep it up!