The first thing you’ll notice when you meet Janet and Sheri is their ability to listen. You get the distinct feeling that they care about what you want to achieve. They believe that understanding their clients’ wants and needs is of utmost importance in order to negotiate the best possible outcome.

Janet and Sheri clearly explain what the process will entail. Often, emotions run high, but they keep things running smoothly with their experience, ethics and customer service. They like to say to their clients, “Let us do the worrying.”

Janet’s negotiating skills and Sheri’s affinity for problem solving (she won’t quit until she finds a resolution) make them a force to be reckoned with. Different options will be discussed every step of the way. They use their experience to predict results and their strong strategic skills to achieve the conclusion preferable to their clients.

Janet and Sheri understand their responsibility to provide their clients with unmitigated support and care, which is evident in the attention to detail in their marketing, whether it’s social media, print ads, magazines or global websites.

Janet’s history investing in properties gives her firsthand knowledge of how and where to purchase real estate around the country. She loves the process of studying the market to figure out the best places to invest outside of California.

Sheri’s home renovation experience allows her the ability to assist clients with ideas and she is truly passionate about helping them become a reality.

Having lived in and sold real estate throughout the Conejo Valley for the past 30 years, Janet and Sheri are experts in the area. Their children went through the school system and they’ve watched the neighborhoods grow. Work ethic and reputation are keys to their success. They believe that being assets to the community is very important.

Collaborating with a strong team is paramount with regard to lenders, escrow companies and title reps. Janet and Sheri know that when you work alongside experienced, knowledgeable people, problems that arise can be resolved with much more skill and efficiency.

Ultimately, Janet and Sheri’s goal is to make the buying and/or selling process enjoyable for their clients, and meeting new friends along the way really puts the icing on the cake.

Janet & Sheri         





Top 4 Home Renovations for Maximum Return on Investment 

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive rooms to renovate. They are also the most frequently used, so the work will definitely be well appreciated, whether you plan to stay in your home or sell. By upgrading these rooms, you can typically get between a 90% and 100% return on investment, sometimes more, depending on the quality of finishes you use.

Here are some approximate numbers:

  1. Minor Bathroom Remodel: Replacing the tub, tile surround, floor, toilet, sink, vanity and fixtures. $$$ Average ROI: 102%
  2. Major Bathroom Remodel: For a 5×7-foot bathroom, relocating and replacing the tub and toilet, adding designer sinks and faucets, lighting, a ceramic tile floor and exhaust fan. Giving an old vanity a facelift with a new countertop or replace. $$$ Average ROI: 93.2%
  3. Minor Kitchen Remodel: 30 ft. of refacing for cabinets and drawers, new appliances, sink and fixtures, stone countertops and flooring. $$$ Average ROI: 98.5%
  4. Major Kitchen Remodel: 30 ft. of new cabinets, add an island, stone countertops, deep sink, flooring, lighting and appliances. $$$ Average ROI: 91%.
  • Other improvements that’ll net you a good ROI include upgraded landscaping, i.e., flagstone walkways, lighting, fresh mulch, flowering shrubs and trees for a pop of color. $$$ Average ROI: 100%.
  • Exterior improvements add curb appeal and a place to enjoy all your new landscaping. You may need to add a fresh coat of paint or new siding. A new front door will add a welcoming feel. $$$ Average ROI: 98%.

Talk to your real estate professional if you are planning to renovate for a sale. It’s not always a good idea to invest a lot of money into your home prior to selling.


The Importance of Staging

 When we say, “stage your home,” we are referring to preparing it to get the highest and quickest offers.

It does not mean you have to spend money on renting furniture unless the house is completely empty. Most often we use the existing furniture and have our sellers remove items that make spaces and rooms look smaller.

The important thing to remember is that you want buyers to come in, look at the space and visualize their furniture in the home. When buyers can visualize their furniture in the home, it makes it easier for them to picture their family living there.

Sometimes we ask sellers to remove 50% of their furniture, especially if they have large pieces. Once this is done, the home appears larger and brighter.

3 Things to Remember When Selling/Staging Your Home:

  1. You usually sell to the woman. Statistically, a home purchase is more important to the woman. I’ve heard men say they could live in a cave, but to a woman, her home is an extension of herself and her family.
  2. Think of a hotel room and a department store. These are places that give most people a happy rush or make them feel relaxed when they enter. With that in mind, clear out all clutter, add fresh flowers, possibly new paint and have all windows cleaned inside and out.
  3. Keep it very, very clean. Seems strange, but psychologically, people think they won’t have to clean as much if the house is clean. Conversely, if there is dirt and mess, it gives people a whole different feeling—that of having to work.

Buying a home (if it not strictly an investment property) is largely based on emotions. Buyers have to feel like they will be happy living in the home. One thing that we do for our sellers is show them how to do this without spending any money.

Will I actually sell my house for more money and receive higher offers?

YES! If your home is staged to accentuate each room’s purpose and space, you will receive higher and quicker offers than homes not presented as well.