Rosimar Torres-Leon knew she wanted to be a doctor since high school. While attending the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, she discovered her calling to specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

“As an OB-GYN, I love that I’m able to care for patients on a long-term basis,” says Dr. Torres-Leon, who treated patients in her private practice in Puerto Rico for seven years, while also serving as an Assistant Professor at the University of Puerto Rico, where she served as Associate Program Director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program.

A specialist in pelvic reconstructive surgery, anti-incontinence procedures and laparoscopic and vaginal hysterectomies, Dr. Torres-Leon ensures every patient receives individualized care tailored to their specific needs.

“I love spending time with my patients and getting to know them. I’m not a 7-min doctor. As a physician, I take a personalized, individual approach with every single patient and I really enjoy my interaction with them—that’s the way I like to practice medicine,” says Dr. Torres-Leon.

Her passion for her patients’ well-being eventually led Dr. Torres-Leon to discover Anti-Aging and Integrative Medicine.

“After several years in practice, several of my long-term gynecology patients, in their late 30s, early 40s, began having issues, like trouble sleeping, anxiety, bleeding, low libido, hot flashes… I wanted to help improve their quality of life,” she says.

Thus began her quest to supplement her medical knowledge through extensive training in Restorative and Anti-Aging Medicine, where the focus is on treating the patient as a whole by identifying and correcting the root causes of symptoms.

Earning certifications in Anti-Aging and Restorative Medicine from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and Worldlink Medical Academy of Preventive and Innovative Medicine, Dr. Torres-Leon founded RestoraVita Medical Group in Puerto Rico in 2010, opening a second location in Newbury Park last February.

Specializing in Integrative, Restorative and Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Torres-Leon has helped thousands of men and women suffering from the discomforts of hormone imbalance regain their health and attain a renewed, healthier physical well-being.

“It’s imperative to tackle all factors that can affect a patient’s overall happiness and quality of life,” she says. “There are several ways to reduce obesity and address issues like diabetes, sleep problems, libido—even Alzheimer’s, by restoring nutrients and balancing hormones, etc.,” she adds. “I love seeing my patients get better, and when my patients come back feeling better, looking revitalized and having a better quality of life, I see that I can really change their lives.”

As the Medical Director of RestoraVita Medical Group, Dr. Torres-Leon focuses on restoring optimal patient health by understanding individual health concerns, identifying their root causes and potential improvement options, and then tailoring wellness programs and procedures to address each patient’s individual needs. Combining traditional medicine with custom-tailored hormonal replacement therapy, state-of-the-art technology (equipment) and nutrition enhancements to achieve improved energy, superb sexual health and enjoyment, and optimal overall wellbeing, Dr. Torres-Leon helps patients reach the highest possible quality of life.

“With facts-based hormone balancing, surgical procedures, technology-based treatments, and other medically proven techniques, patients can achieve optimal wellness,” says Dr. Torres-Leon, who specializes in sexual wellness of both males and females.

“Treating individuals and couples has been really fulfilling for me. Hormones may have saved more marriages than counselors,” she laughs.

At RestoraVita, Dr. Torres-Leon provides patients with a professional, results-based approach to wellness, including Restorative and Anti-Aging Medicine, adult sexual wellness, vaginal rejuvenation, erectile function, bioidentical hormonal replacement therapy/pellets, IV vitamins, medical nutrition and wellness, and general gynecological care.

“I believe in having excellent quality of life, all of our lives,” says Dr. Torres-Leon, who is Board-certified by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and licensed to practice medicine in California and Puerto Rico.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Torres-Leon, call 805.480.1810 or learn more at RestoraVita is located at 3311 Old Conejo Road, in Newbury Park.