For more than 60 years, Aldik Home has been dazzling customers, celebrities and holiday décor enthusiasts with the most spectacular Christmas displays in the country. Stepping into Aldik Home is like walking into your Christmas dreamscape. Top to bottom, it is covered in the most stunning holiday décor, from intricate ornaments, to whimsical elves, glitter stems and twinkling lights. There are immersive displays and dozens of fully decorated Christmas trees on the horizon. You have not seen a winter wonderland like this before. There simply is no place like Aldik Home!

Adorned with unique palettes and transformed by different textures, every one of the 60 decorated Christmas trees is a symphony. With the use of elegant Christmas ribbon, glittery stems, a vast array of ornaments and soft-glow LED lights, Aldik Home’s designers tell a story with every design. See an ornament that you just can’t live without? Pluck it right off the tree! This place is less a museum and more of an enchanted forest of glittery goodness. Keep your eyes peeled, too… there are beautiful things around every corner.

Neuman Trees

At the heart of Aldik Home’s displays—and hosts to the incredible variety of ornaments—are the most impressive artificial Christmas trees around. Aldik Home’s line of Neuman Trees represents the best quality artificial Christmas trees in the industry—far superior to anything found online. As the only manufacturer to use custom-designed light strings that extend a light to every prominent tip, Neuman Trees are perfectly lit and positively gorgeous. And with stronger branches, thoughtful designs and the industry’s best warranty, there’s no reason not to buy a Neuman Tree. Before taking a gamble on an edited online photo, you owe it to yourself to fall in love at first sight with the best quality trees in the industry.

Sparkling Lights

Holiday decorators simply must pay a visit to Aldik Home’s Light Room, which is decked out head-to-toe with the most stunning LED lights imaginable. Whether the thin (nearly invisible) wire lights that fade from white to multi-color, the 148-foot-long strand with 2,000 twinkling lights, or the jaw-dropping neon rope, these lights make it easier than ever to add some extra pizzazz to your holiday décor. You won’t find lights like this anywhere else!

There is no better place to immerse yourself in the magic of the holidays and get inspired to create the Christmas of your dreams. ‘Tis the season to discover the best winter wonderland in the country. Trust us, there’s no place like Aldik Home!

Visit Aldik Home at 7651 Sepulveda Blvd, in Van Nuys, or call 818.988.5970.