Normally, my monthly missive is on topic for the theme of the issue. Please enjoy what our writers and Tracy, our editor, worked so hard on in order to make this month’s issue interesting and compelling. What I would like to talk to our readers about is how technology is advancing to the point where most of what we see, read and hear may not be real. That’s right….”Fake Everything”.

When I go to the gym (the older I get, the more I need to), I read the morning’s news and commentary of my iPhone. I also enjoy articles on topics of interest to me that range from music to science. I just read an article on AI—Artificial Intelligence—that frightened me. A software genius has come up with a way to create human faces that appear 100% real, but they are not real people. Next step is clearly to create faces of real people saying and doing things they did not actually do. Seems like a potential Social Media Force 5 Hurricane of false information on a global level. Talk about Fake News! It will make our current Twitter Storms and Russian trolls on Facebook look like a sunny day at the beach. It also makes Photoshopped print images child’s play.

What this can easily evolve to is a digital universe where nothing is real. Maybe daily newspapers and national magazines can make a comeback from the brink of extinction. They may become the only rational way to determine truth from fiction. If you have children or grandchildren or if by chance you are a Millennial and actually read these words on paper, it may be time to wean them or yourself away from your phone or computer before it’s too late. Otherwise,1984 may really be just around the corner.