While some dogs dread taking a trip to a doggie daycare or boarding facility, Laughing Dog Inn’s canine visitors can’t wait to get out of the car when they arrive. A Disneyland of sorts for dogs, the Santa Rosa Valley pet resort offers boarding and daycare, training and spa treatments for four-legged friends of all shapes and sizes.

“We’re all about welcoming EACH dog and knowing them individually so we can help them have an amazing experience here,” says Laughing Dog Inn owner Barb Pensky, whose unique sixth sense allows her to connect with animals and understand their energy, helping them to feel safe, comfortable and happy.

Drawing on her 30 years of experience caring for dogs, Barb, and her husband Norm, and their passionate staff enjoy pampering their guests and providing a stimulating, beautiful outdoor environment for them to play and socialize during their visit—whether for a day or longer term duration.

“They not only play and lounge in a beautiful outdoor setting, but they also learn new skills,” notes Barb, a certified CPTD-KA dog trainer and animal advocate. She also offers private dog training, day training at LDI and teaches puppy and adolescent classes at Puppy Academy in Newbury Park.

We caught up with Barb to find out more about the Laughing Dog Inn.

Q. How did you get started in the business?

A. When I had my first child, I started a dog walking/pet sitting service which allowed me to stay at home and build a business rather than return to the corporate world. This started my career as a dog entrepreneur!

Q. What do your customers like most about the Laughing Dog Inn?

A. The fact that we are NOT a typical “boarding“ kennel. We are more like a resort with planned activities throughout the day run by experienced and passionate staff.

Q. How does the Laughing Dog Inn stand apart from other dog boarding facilities and spas?

A. Highlights include

  • A very low ratio of staff to dog—most of the industry is 20 to 30 dogs per person—we staff at a ratio of 8 to 10 dogs per person;
  • Our staff are trained on dog behavior and safety to ensure your pups are always safe and understood;
  • We take the time to ensure dogs are in compatible play groups so they have fun and are safe;
  • We are extremely clean and sanitize daily to ensure a safe environment;
  • We have beautiful OUTDOOR play yards, so pets are not cooped up in industrial enclosures;
  • We use positive reinforcement methods of training to encourage behaviors we want;
  • We live onsite and make sure there is someone on the property 24/7.

Dogs visiting the Laughing Dog Inn are treated as part of our family and they love all the attention!

The Laughing Dog Inn is located at 3362 Cajon Circle in Santa Rosa Valley. Schedule a visit today at 805.586.4390 or visit LaughingDogInn.com to learn more.