Since this month’s issue is our Men’s Issue, this department is always assigned to me. I will take the prerogative of doing whatever I please, which is riffing on whatever comes to mind. Kind of a jazz improvisation that becomes a momentary theme. While a riff often repeats itself, I will just ride on a couple of riffs. As a lifelong fan of everything “jazz,” riffing makes me happy.

That brings me to my first riff. I just read that the U.S. is populated by many of the unhappiest people on Planet Earth. Huh? Are we the hungriest? The poorest? The most violent? (Maybe a yes there, given gun proliferation and usage.) The most poorly educated? The sickest? I could go on and on, but you get the point.

Many of our fellow citizens are being told that they should be unhappy and threatened by people who are different than they are. Do they encounter these “different people” during their daily lives? Rarely or never. But they are there anyway….living with them via social media—tweets, Twitter, Instagram posts and Facebook ads. Maybe most of us really are unhappy and unwilling to snap out of it and take charge of our own lives. I wish some of these folks would pay our community a visit and meet some of the wonderful people who live here—like the generous folks who just raised many thousands of dollars at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Golf Classic. Tell the “different” kids whose lives have been enriched by a Big Brother or Big Sister that they should be unhappy. I dare ya!

Next riff. I really do not like being politically correct. Boooooring!!! A non-humorous approach to living. There is no longer any room for any kind of ethnic or gender humor. The old Borsht Belt comedy routines? No way! Don Rickles? Arrested and sued for millions of dollars. Richard Pryor? No way! Flip Wilson’s Geraldine character? Never! Some of the classic Cheers episodes would be attacked by humorless extremists. I could go on. The only thing that seems to be allowed now is potty humor. Any 7 year old can provide that.

There are my two riffs for the month. If you are politically correct or unhappy all of the time, don’t bother me. I am happily politically incorrect.