Thousands of hip and knee replacement procedures are performed around the country to provide patients with a better lifestyle, post-surgery. Los Robles Health System has offered the Total Joint Program at Los Robles since 2012—where patients are provided with a personalized care plan through their hip and knee replacement journeys. Since its start 7 years ago, Los Robles’ Total Joint Program has been dedicated to providing a comprehensive, patient-focused experience. The Los Robles Total Joint Program consists of a team of expert physicians, nurses, physical therapists, case managers and surgical staff.

Los Robles Health System strongly believes in informing their patients about their pre- and post-surgical process so that they can be as prepared as possible. In fact, the hospital hosts weekly classes to ensure that all Total Joint Program patients have the opportunity to attend a pre-operative class with their caregivers so that they can better understand what to expect during their hospital stay and how to plan for a healthy recovery. During a pre-operative class session, patients are also given the opportunity to register for their surgical appointment, meet their team of health care providers and tour the facility. The pre-surgical class gives each patient the opportunity to feel comfortable with the team of individuals that will be working with them during their time at the hospital.

Technological Advances

In November 2018, Los Robles invested in bringing advanced robotic-arm assisted technology for joint replacement to their operating room. With robotic arm-assisted technology, patients can be provided with a personalized surgical experience based on their specific diagnosis and anatomy. Utilizing a virtual 3D model, surgeons can create each patient’s surgical plan pre-operatively before entering the operating room. During surgery, that plan is validated and adjustments are made while guiding the robotic arm to execute that plan. Los Robles Health System is the first hospital in Ventura County to offer robotic-arm assisted total knee, partial knee and total hip replacements with advanced robotic-arm assisted technology. The addition of robotic-arm assisted technology to the Los Robles Orthopedic Service Line provides state-of-the-art technology that is close to home.

The Total Joint Program at Los Robles is the only Total Joint Program in the region that is certified by the Joint Commission for both hip and knee replacements. Most recently, Los Robles was recognized as one of Healthgrades America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Orthopedic Surgery™ in 2019 and in addition, Healthgrades also named Los Robles among the top 10% in the nation for overall Orthopedic Services in 2019. Los Robles Health System was also recognized for quality achievement in 2019 by Healthgrades in the following categories:

• Recipient of the Healthgrades 2019 Orthopedic Surgery Excellence Award™

• Recipient of the Healthgrades 2019 Joint Replacement Excellence Award™

• Five-Star Recipient for Total Knee Replacement in 2019

• Five-Star Recipient for Total Hip Replacement in 2019

• Five-Star Recipient for Hip Fracture Treatment in 2019.

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