More random and maybe even unorganized observations… I warned you about this when I “riffed” last month, so here goes.

Will I be in the wrong if I run over a pedestrian when they carelessly cross in front of my vehicle with their nose buried in their iPhone? A batch of teenagers fumbled onto Lindero Canyon Blvd at the Thousand Oaks Blvd intersection as I was making a left-hand turn onto Lindero Canyon Blvd. The light was green for my turn. They were either talking to each other, reading emails, texting or maybe playing Candy Crush. Fortunately, I was just starting up and not driving directly into the turn at a higher speed. I tooted my horn, cursed impotently, lowered my window and called them idiots (a dumb and fruitless gesture). Their response was “Duh” and a giggle. A gaggle of Bart Simpsons maybe? Had I wiped them out it would have been an interesting insurance claim as I was likely to have been left hanging out to dry and tarred and feathered. My point is that the disconnect from our surroundings and reality is accelerating. Everywhere I look, almost everyone one I see who is under 35 is clutching their mobile phone or has their face buried in it as they walk along. Robin’s grandchildren need to have their iPads taken from them so we can have a conversation. Frankly, I yearn for the good old days of dirty pay phones. When I was out on business, I carried a can of Lysol with me to disinfect filthy pay phones so I could call my office, a client or call home. I don’t care!! Bring them back!

My next rant logically enough is about social media. Why not? I just attacked the device, so the next logical step is the software that makes the device indispensable. This is a worldwide “be careful what you wish for” moment. The good news is that we are now all connected and can “communicate and express ourselves”… seemingly freely. The bad news is that if God thought the Tower of Babel was a good idea, then disconnecting us may be an even better idea. Humanity does not seem to be able to handle it. We are having trouble separating fact from the big loud lie, or at the very least, the big loud distortion. Everyone thinks they are a journalist. They aren’t. Who, what, when, where, why and how do not exist or matter in social media… just ask the clowns at Facebook.

Anyway, please enjoy the summer with your family and friends. I’ll do my best to not run you over. I promise. Oh… and I rarely answer or send texts, and never Twitters!