One of the most overused word in our modern American lexicon is “amazing.” I see it on social media and hear it in conversation or on TV. I think it started with Billy Crystal’s parody of the word, like so….Amaaaaaaaahhhhzzzzing! He is a really funny guy—been laughing at his humor since “Soap.” However, I blame him for what has become a cliched response to almost anything good.

One would think that this overstated but positive adjective would be most commonly overused by young people, but it cuts across most generations from Millennials all the way to Boomers. As a fairly opinionated and sometimes crotchety observer of what I consider to be the foibles of society, overuse of “amazing” is one of many things that drives me nuts when I hear or see it. I guess I can soldier on in the spirit of the late Andy Rooney from “60 Minutes.”

But here goes! The energy, spirit and generosity of our communities, nonprofits and individuals as they all collectively worked on recovery from the simultaneous tragedies of the Woolsey and Hill fires and the terrible Borderline shooting is truly AMAZING! Our front covers in Conejo Valley Lifestyle and Malibu Coast Lifestyle thank everyone involved. Thank you and bless you all for Giving.