Riding a bike is often associated with the freedom of childhood, but many are discovering they can enjoy bike riding in their later years, thanks to the advent of electric bikes.

Pedego 101 owners Linda Coburn and John Tajiri are passionate about the positive impact electric bikes have had on so many of their customers.

“The first sound out of most people’s mouths when they first try an e-bike is ‘Woo Hoo!’ says John. “Almost everybody tells us it’s more fun than they expected.”

It’s more than fun, says Linda. “We’ve had customers tell us that their e-bikes make a huge difference in their relationships, in their health and in their overall happiness. It’s so gratifying to have someone with a heart condition, or asthma, or diabetes tell us that their e-bike helps them share outdoor activities with their spouse, friends, kids and even grandkids,” she says, pointing to studies showing that people riding electric bikes get a significant health benefit not the least of which is because they enjoy it.

“You pedal just like on a regular bike,” says Linda, “but you can get a boost when you want help getting up a hill. If your knee starts to hurt or you get tired, you can still keep going with the motor assist. Knowing that makes people more likely to go on a ride in the first place.”

A visit to Pedego 101 includes a customer-centered experience where their knowledgeable staff discusses the various types of models to determine the best fit based on specific wants, needs and preferences.

“We want you to have the bike that is going to make you happy, that is going to make you feel like a kid again,” says Linda.

Newbury Park resident Miryam Liberman loved riding her bike as a kid and college student at UCSD. She rediscovered that joy a few years back in 2015 when she learned about electric bikes.

“Within 48 hours of doing my research and learning about Pedego bikes, I found Pedego 101 nearby and I was there,” says Miryam. “The reason I chose Pedego is because they were the largest selling e-bike in the U.S. They offer a huge variety of bikes to choose from and you know it’s going to be the most reliable in terms of sourcing and getting it fixed,” says Miryam.

After trying various styles, Miryam selected a customized ergonomic model, and within six months, despite suffering from the result of numerous knee surgeries and spinal injuries from an auto accident years before, the 66-year-old physician began commuting to work through Hidden Valley on a 12.5-mile hilly route.

“Linda, Pedego 101’s owner, came with me on my first ride to help build my confidence and give me tips,” recalls Miryam. “If you talk to anybody that has an electric bike, it’s just a transformative experience; it’s such a wonderful feeling and a wonderful sense of freedom,” she says. “Commuting to work was almost the best part of my day.”

Clocking some 8,000 miles in four years of riding, Miryam enjoys riding her Pedego around town, shopping, to the movies and meeting up with friends, as well as on some more adventurous rides. Miryam and Thousand Oaks resident Jeanne Raede, 53, recently rode their Pedegos in the Glacier Climate Ride, a 250-mile week-long trek through Montana and Canada’s mountainous terrain.

“The weather was supposed to be warm…” says Miryam, but “it was cold and rainy; we rode through 15 miles of hail, 35 mph winds in 40-degree weather, with a wind chill factor at freezing,” she says, noting that while some of the riders had to stop because of hypothermia, fear of heights and difficult road conditions, Pedego 101’s team of two made it through!

“This ride was challenging and we really did it proud,” says Miryam. “We were the only two electric bikers out of 49 riders; I was the oldest in the group We did it to have fun, and because we wanted to demonstrate what these e-bikes are all about and to promote them along with regular cycling,” she says, adding that the ride participants raised $160,000 for the Glacier National Park Conservancy. 

“We’re out there to cycle, to be healthy and to promote good, safe bike infrastructure in the community as an alternative to cars,” says Miryam. “Everybody [at the Climate Ride] was incredibly inclusive and they saw the magic and power of these bikes; it’s good to know it’s available as an option for anybody to extend their bike-riding longevity.”

Thousand Oaks resident Jeanne Raede had just started riding her e-bike when she decided to participate in the Glacier Climate Ride.

“It was really something,” says Jeanne, “The hail was like glass shards, it was freezing conditions, raining, cold and miserable, with 40-mph winds,” but “we got through it. I definitely would do it again… my husband and I are planning to do it together next year!” she says.

“It’s such a mental high; such an accomplishment,” she says. “There’s a lot of freedom out there, just you and nature.” Plus, “having an e-bike, I felt confident, because you can fall back on the battery,” she notes, adding that riding her e-bike has improved her life.

“I’m trying to focus on myself and my health. I’m 53, and I wasn’t in the shape I used to be in,” says Jeanne. “Hopping on the bike has allowed me to get onto a healthy path.” Jeanne enjoys riding around town and on various regional routes.

“I love that I can put in as much effort as I’m feeling up to,” says Jeanne. “I’m not trying to prove anything. The battery allows me the option to let the bike help me until I feel more energized.”

Wherever the road leads, Jeanne points to Pedego 101 as a guide.

“I highly recommend Pedego 101. Linda and John provide the utmost in customer service, patiently letting you try out different bikes,” says Jeanne, who recommends renting various types and riding with the Pedego group to find the one you like best.

“John and Linda’s service is incomparable,” agrees Miryam. “They are phenomenal; we call them our bike mom and dad—they take care of us and the bikes. The company is unbelievable, and they take care of their customers.”

Pedego 101 is in the Westlake Village Industrial Park at 31332 Via Colinas in Westlake Village. They offer rentals and tours in addition to selling and servicing Pedego Electric Bikes. Call 805.379.9245 or visit Pedego101.com to learn more.