Rebuilding Our Community 

Our community has recently endured some of the hardest times in as long as I can remember. Thinking back to the big earthquake of 1971, I was very young and lived in Northridge; I didn't really understand it. Then during the next one in 1994, I had my own children, making it even scarier! Of course, I’m sure my parents were…

Don’t Leave Any Life on the Table

This is your invitation to join in on all the community fun!

Best Wishes for Health & Wellness this New Year

It’s the beginning of the year, and if you’re like me, you’ll find it’s a good time to reflect on the past year—what worked and what didn’t. The next thing I look at is whether there is anything I need to clear off my plate. 

What is Happy?

We hear so much about being happy. “Happy” is one of the favorite songs of many, myself included. It truly makes me feel happy when I hear it, but is that actual happiness? I ask you, are you happy? We all sometimes reflect on our life at different stages, asking ourselves if we are happy.

Make Time for Some Time Out 

I was out on a bike ride going up north. We stopped at Muscle Beach to have lunch and just take in the day. We had a beautiful table facing the ocean, and it was the most incredible day also. There was this one turquoise chair sitting all alone, overlooking the ocean. I was so drawn to this chair. After…

The Power of Pink

What do you think of when you see the color pink? It is one of my favorite colors—I have used it as my branding for my show, and it makes me feel happy. Pink has a different significance for me in regard to October National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, having worked with Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, Susan G. Komen…

Are you Collecting Friends or Building Community?

I have a vision of rebuilding the world and inspiring a new way of thinking by raising more awareness toward living on the brighter side of life. This is a big dream—too big to accomplish on my own—that’s where all of you come in. On my radio show, my podcast and my women’s group I aspire to talk only about the brighter side…

Memories of Back to School

Whenever I hear “back to school,” it takes me back to when my children were young and going through the school years. Having four children, it was a busy time. Back to school meant getting back on schedules, new outfits and shoes and all new school supplies, and of course, a new backpack. I was a room mom for each…

Make It a Great Summer in Your Own Backyard!

Summer has always been my favorite time, especially when I was a kid, and then when my own children were younger. How many adults view summer the same way by really taking time off work?

Role Models Matter:

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”

Journey to the Brighter Side of Life

Ladies the brighter side of life is not just a walk or a jog, it’s a journey.

Home Is Where Your Heart Is

My home has several meanings to me—it’s where I gathered with my family and was able to love on them, where we invited all our friends that we connected with through our kids, school, work and anyone we wanted to include in our loving home. As the saying goes, my home was truly my castle, filled with lots of loving…

Better Together

We often see ads looking for a small dog for company or looking for a big dog to run with or be a companion. “Need a cat that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep for a new companion. Looking for a bird to just watch and listen to.”

Happy Heart Day

Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays, as it was my mom’s. But now it’s just a sad reminder, as the day before Valentine’s Day, my sweet mom passed away unexpectedly.

Health & Wellness for the New Year

It’s the beginning of the year and if you’re like me, you’ll agree it’s a good time to take a moment to reflect on the past year—what worked and what didn’t. Re-book all your appointments and family and friends’ birthdays. As we’re all regrouping for the new year, writing our to-do lists and resolutions, be sure not to forget about…

Celebrate Every Moment

Are you celebrating? Do you celebrate only when it’s a calendar holiday or a planned party?

The More You Give Thanks, the More You Get to Be Thankful For

 This month, I’m sharing my personal gratitude list.  It starts with my two amazing parents who brought me into this world with excitement and passion. I’m most grateful that they were not only my parents, but that they were also my best friends—I was able to talk to them about anything. They taught me the meaning of life and love…

United We Stand

October is here and since I have been working with the American Cancer Society, this month represents all the incredible brave people and their families who have journeyed through cancer. You all can make a difference and I thank you for Standing up to Cancer.

Helping Others Embodies Community Spirit

 Article Kim Pagano  “Adding spirit to our community, while adding character to our life.”  The definition of team is clearly a group of people working together to help improve the community where they live. I love working with all the nonprofit groups and the community members who give endless hours to support or volunteer.

Back to School: Walking Down Memory Lane

 Article Kim Pagano  If you’re reading this right now you might think this was about sending your kids back to school, which was both a happy and sad time for me when my kids were younger. Back to school meant schedules and less time together. I really enjoyed that free-flowing time together during the summer.  In this case, “going back…

Choose 1,000 Wishes

 Article Kim Pagano  When you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see a hundred weeds or a thousand wishes. I choose a thousand wishes.   Summer is a very special time of the year. Is there something you have wanted to do that you might not be able to because of work or school? If so, now is…

Just Meet Me in the Middle

 Article Kim Pagano    How many of you grew up as a daddy’s girl or maybe had a grandpa that you looked up to?

Share Your Stories & Life Lessons

 Article Kim Pagano  Share your story and your journey and know these are your life lessons; don’t leave them untold. My parents, taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to. They were my best cheerleaders.  In high school, I got my manicure license while finishing Cosmetology school so I could make an income while attending school.…

“Running Your Own Race”

Choosing to be your best self is really one of the easiest decisions you can make in your life. This is what I like to call “running your own race,” at your own speed. When you are authentically being you, you don’t have time to make excuses or lie to keep up with your life. By staying on the path…

They Love You Just the Way You Are

Looking for someone to love you just the way you are?

Spread a Little Self-Love

Do you sometimes feel like you are always putting yourself last on your own list? Well, I’m right there with you. There are some people who put themselves first in everything they do and only think of themselves first. Some may think this is selfish, while others see it as a form of self-love.

Balance & Purpose Promote Health & Well-Being

When I think of health and wellness, I think of self-preservation. I used to think that we were all indispensable for the most part, until I realized that is just not true. If you have ever had an illness creep up on you, then you know you don't have total control of it. What you do have is control of…

Giving the Gift of Life

We all have difficult times in our life, so we're not alone. If you are reading this right now, that means you have woken up to have another chance to what we all call life, and a chance to clean our slates. What are we going to do differently today to make it better?

Being Selfless

The first rule to being selfless is loving what you bring into this world, and as the saying goes, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." I would like to express my gratitude for all the volunteers out there that donate countless hours to causes by voicing their opinions, lending a helping hand or even contributing monetary donations. As Mother…

Sharing Stories Sparks Hope & Inspiration

Each of us lives our own story. In one way or another, we are surviving or thriving. Last year while in Ecuador, I met a new friend, Karen Marie Dion, who shared about her journey with breast cancer. As we kick off this year’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event, so many individuals and families touched by the big C…

Rise as a Community Star

Please take a moment and ask yourself, "Do you sit back or step up?" I think this is something we should be asking ourselves and our family members at an early age. However, I have found that no matter what age you are, you can always find a way to step up and give back!

Back to School with a New Year & New You

As we start getting back into our normal routines once summertime comes to an end, some of us will be readying our kids for school, some will be returning to their typical work schedules, and others will continue with their lives per usual.

Traveling through Life

Vacationing and traveling through this thing called life seems to be a daily task for us all. What are you doing with your measured days? Are you only working through it, or are you an adventurist? Are you on a treadmill and haven't even began to think about the possibility of a vacation this year? Well, summer is just around…

Graduating Through Life’s Path

I would like to start by congratulating all the recent graduates in our community! Aren't we all graduating from something every day of our lives? I think we all deserve some congratulations every so often for our daily accomplishments. We come into this life by ourselves, yet I like to think that we all walk together. We meet people along…

Be Your Own Hero

In a world filled with so many expectations for women, I like to live in a world full of unexpected surprises, where we can all choose our lifestyles and our careers according to our dreams. For as long as I can remember, my mom always did her best to help out in my childhood classrooms, as well as offering to…

Celebrating the Magic You Make

Have you ever walked into a hotel where the environment dominates your feelings in a positive or negative way? Does your home happen to be your sanctuary, or for some of you, do you see it as your garden? I want you to take a moment to think about the place that you just love to hang out in, the…

Unconditional Love

We all have some loyal friends in this world, but if you have been lucky enough to find a furry friend that honors you, even when you have not brushed your teeth or have gained a little weight, you have been blessed with one of the greatest friendships of all time. Our pets represent the true meaning of unconditional love.…

Loving Yourself

First of all, I would like to say that Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. Loving yourself enough to love someone else is such an amazing feeling. And to whom does your love life concern? Well, it concerns anyone we let into our lives. Do we let people love or abuse us? What boundaries have we…

“Laughter is the Best Medicine”

Sometimes in our lives we forget that we have our own healing powers. If we can all remember to take life a little easier every day, we can utilize these healing powers. Try using your laughter as vitamins like some of us take our prescribed medicines.

Making the Most of Today

We all go through difficult times in our lives, so don't ever feel alone in your troubles. If you are reading this right now, it means that you have woken up to another chance to what we all call life and a chance to clean your slate.

Giving Thanks for Family Traditions

As the holidays approach, my heart is warmed by the many traditions my family has created. In order for a tradition to survive, an equal effort must be made by the family to consciously repeat the tradition year after year.

Giving Thanks for Family Traditions

As the holidays approach, my heart is warmed by the many traditions my family has created. In order for a tradition to survive, an equal effort must be made by the family to consciously repeat the tradition year after year.

The Brighter Side of Health & Hope

So many of us have been touched by cancer, either personally or through a loved one. If you've listened to my radio show, you know I focus on the brighter side of life, so let me explain the brighter side of cancer and positive thinking.

Many Hands Make Little Work

Giving to someone else can be your best medicine. There are so many ways to give back. Money isn’t the only way to support your community. You can donate your time and expertise as well. The important thing is to find the best way to incorporate charity into your life.


Yep, man-o-pause, that’s right… we’re always hearing about women and their menopause experiences, but did you know that men go through their own type of menopause? Often when men feel like they are going through a midlife crisis, doctors and researchers explain that they are actually experiencing a form of male menopause called “andropause.”

You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Till It’s Gone

There are many roads to your summer fun! Even a staycation can be a great option. I just read that as a parent you can expect to get 18 summers with your kids. How do we make them the best with time flying by?

Dads are just Grown Up Sons

The men we love play such an important role in our lives. I have been so fortunate to have my dad as one of my best friends. Growing up he was always there for me to talk to, and he always has the best advice and so many stories to tell. I still use his lessons every day. I use…

Discovering the Woman You Call Mom

Women have raised the bar in our world. My family’s origin of women were generally very strong and amazing and I am blessed to be a part of their lineage. To know that I am carrying on their tradition of vitality cues the song "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!” As far back as I can think, my grandmother and…

How Are You Programming Your Family?

When I was very young, I remember thinking my parents were perfect. They were my “God.” They brought me into this life, taught me the value of family and took care of me, providing a warm, loving home. As I got older, I started to realize that our family wasn't perfect. When I was 16, my parents divorced and life…

Animals Can Be Great Therapy

The New Year is in full swing and it is time to greet spring with a new furry friend. What is your choice of animal comfort? It is a proven fact that animals of all shapes and sizes are sources of unconditional emotional support. With dogs, cats, horses, and birds being the most common choices, which are you most passionate…